Rabbit RL-80-1290 Laser engraving/cutting machine

Rabbit RL-80-1290 Laser Engraver / Cutter

RL-80-1290 Price: $10,350 plus shipping and handling services.
*This 80 watt laser tube is the Reci laser tube. Rated as 93 Watts max output / 80 watts nominal. We have tested the laser output power with Coherent Power meter and consistantly find that it does have the proper output power.

Recommended Options: Chuck Rotary Attachment, Roller Rotary Attachment, Spare 55mm focal lens, Spare Mirrors, PhotoGrav, CorelDraw X4

Please email or call for specialized build or preferred pricing. Some discounts may apply.

The new 1200 x 900 mm Laser engraving and cutting machine stands ready to improve your productivity and streamline your operations. It's perfect for either the business owner or the At-Home professional who needs a quality laser machine at a great price! This high quality machine is perfect for processing highly intricate designs on a variety of materials.

Cutting and Engraving materials: Bamboo, jade, marble, glass, crystal, plastic, garments, paperleather, rubber, ceramic, Hard Wood, MDF, Plywood, Plexiglas, Plastic, Acrylic, and othe non metal materials. Can also engrave onto metals with the use of an additive laser marking material like "Cermark".

Applications of Laser machines - Advertising, arts and crafts, leather, toys, garments, model, embroidery, clipping, packaging and paper industry, Wood Working, engraving embroidery, crafts, RC airplanes, balsa models, kites, robotics kits, and clothing patterns.

Most-all features are now included as standard...everything you need to get started: Laser Cutter/Engraver, Water cooling pump and tank, Air Pump, Exhaust blower, Lasercut 5.3 software and Software User Manual, Machine operation Manual, Software User Manual, Trouble Shooting Manual, Communication cable, Power cable, Lenses and Laser tube (80 Watts), Machine operation Manual, USB Communication cable. You can also purchase a computer system with all the software you need to have your company up and running in minutes. Please inquire as to what computer systems are currently available.

The Rabbit brand is best described as being the best quality of all Chinese laser cutting machines. This equipment can be applied to many kinds of materials, and has many advantages, such as smooth cutting edges, free from polishing, no noise, no dust, faster processing speed, higher precision, less waste and higher efficiency. It is the best option for upgrading traditional equipments in various industries.

If custom ordering a machine, the color can also be specified.

Easy to Use LCD Control Panel with E-Stop and KeySwitch

User Friendly LCD control panel allows the user to quickly change selected program and modify machine operational conditions. You can Start, Stop, Pause, Reset, Datum, Test Fire, Outline engrave project area, Move the XorY axis, LCD Viewing Display, Z-Axis up/down, Control Interior light, Emergency Stop, Lockout the operations with the Key.

Dedicated MicroProcessor Controller for great performance

The heart of the laser machine is the industry leading Leetro controller. The 6515 controller is connected to the computer by USB connection. The Computer downloads the project to the 6515 Controller and it does all the work, leaving the computer and operator free to work on the next project. The dedicated Leetro controller has RAM onboard to hold many of your largest projects without re-downloading from your computer.

Coolant Flow Check Sensor

The laser machine can be equiped with a chiller or water pump and tank. In either case, the coolant must keep the laser tube from over heating. This check sensor ensures the laser will not be allowed to fire without proper coolant flow. It is typical for us to use a mixture of glycol (or Antifreeze) and water as the coolant fluid.

CW-5000 Coolant Chiller

This chiller has become our standard cooling system for Laser machines that are equipped with 80 watts or stronger laser tubes. We have tested several cooling systems and this one just takes the prize for being able to keep the laser tube at the right temperature. The coolant fluid stays in a closed system... Coolant doesn't get exposed to the environment. This keeps it cleaner by preventing new dirt, bacteria, or bugs from getting into the system. The compressor and heat exchanger have extra capability for keeping the coolant cold even when the laser is continuously used at full power. The upper and lower temperature thresholds can be set to your liking. The internal sensor can be wired to your laser and keep the laser system that much more safe. .

Air Pump

The air pump is used for three basic reasons. The primary reason is the push fumes away from the laser's focal lens. This protects the lens from contaminants which could destroy the lens. The second function of the air pump is to push air into the material's kerf as created by the laser beam. Air that is applied to the kerf will remove debris/fumes and allow the laser light to penitrate deeper through the material. The third reason is that the air will help to cool the material. If the laser cut/engraved material stays hot, then it could warp or shrink. This air pump is a diaphram style which does not require oil. Oil or water in the air line could be projected directly onto the focal lens. This air pump has a higher air flow rate and is quieter than other piston stroke designs.

Blower / Fan / Vacuum

The vacuum blower creates an air flow to remove dust and fumes from the work area of the laser machine. It is important to remove the dust and fumes from the laser engraving areas because dust can settle onto the mirrors or lens. Dust on the mirrors or lens will create a focal point of the laser's heat and soon destroying the optics. The fumes need to be removed from the operator work area because they can be irritating and unhealthy. The blower can also be connected to a vaccum box to pull air through the work material.

Vent Air Direction Control

The air that exits the laser machine can be controlled by this vent damper. It allows the operator to select what proportion of air can be pulled from above or below the work surface.

Z-Axis Table Height Motor

This motor is used to move the Z-Axis table/surface height. The maximum space available under the laser flying head is about 10 inches. This motor moves the height with the simple push of the button. The motor uses a metal chain to turn the four jack-screws, one at each corner of the work table. This metal chain design is superior to all other laser machine table deisgns that use stepper motors and rubber belts to lift their table. The stepper motors do NOT have the strength to lift a loaded table and the rubber belts are prone to stripping teeth or skipping out of alignment.

Z-Axis Controller Board

The Z-Axis motor controller board uses Solid State Relays to switch motor on, off and control the direction. The solid state relays are quieter than normal relays, controlled by a smaller power source, and last longer.

Limit Switches

The limit switches prevent the axis from attempting to go beyond the mechanical limits of the machine. Some machines can be equipped with autofocus sensor which ties into the control board. The sensors for the X and Y axis are non-contact sensors which yeild a more repeatable position over the life of the machine.

The Inside Light

It is always nice to check on the progress of the project that is currently running. The laser machine has a viewing window through the main access door ...and this interior light works great for providing enough light to see what is happening inside.

Pass-Thru Doors

The laser machine frame is built with doors that allow materials to extend out the front and/or rear of the machine. The is helpful when engraving or cutting material that cannot fit completely inside the machine. Examples: Engraving pictures onto a bathroom shower door. Rolls of fabric threaded into the rear door, engraved or cut, and then pulled out the front door. Engraving the front door to my house. Engraving very large mirrors or sheets of glass. The limits are endless.

Castor Wheels

The various models of laser machines can weigh from 300 to more than 1000 pounds. Every machine is equipped with castor wheels to make it easier to move it around the workshop or office.
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Many companies purchase a laser machine that is slightly bigger than what the current needs are demanding. This gives the company room to grow. You might also wonder if the machine itself would even fit into your business... Do you have small doorways? NOT on the bottom floor of the building? Irregular doors or narrow office hallways? Don't worry about that. This laser machine is designed to remove the base section and take it through your office to the back room. Check out the web page describing how we have done a "narrow move".

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