"Somebody else has a similar machine for $5000. Can you drop your price?"

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You should investigate the offered machine of $5000. If it is legitimate, then buy that laser machine. My machine is a very good quality and is definitely worth all the $7000 and more. I seriously doubt you will find a NEW machine of similar design and quality under my price. The person that asked this question followed up by saying, "Your laser machine is nicer and closer to my home. I would like to pick it up to avoid shipping charges and get training at your shop." I agree to everything except dropping the price. ..Sorry. Also check to see if the laser machine is actually in the USA and ready for you. Some companies will order the laser machine from China after you have paid for it. Most customers don't want to pay $5000 and then wait 45 days to get the laser machine. Even purchasing a Chinese machine can cost much more than $5000 ... Every company needs to closely investigate the costs of importing from China.. check out the next paragraph. I can't purchase from China, import, pay all duties and FDA regulations... and sell at that price. ..My machines are here before you order. I don't offer for sale until it is here and tested as fully functional.

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